Baja Claw TTC



Claw by name, Claw by nature

Go big or go home…that could be the rallying cry of the Mickey Thompson TTC Claw, a tyre which provides the ultimate in extreme traction. Tough, puncture-resistant PowerPly sidewalls and exceptional depth (up to 17.5mm!) to the distinctive tread design adds up to an unbeatable combination in the harshest terrain

Size  Ply Rating   Load & Speed   Approved Rim Width   OD mm 
LT31x10.5R15 6 109Q 7.0-9.0 782
LT33x12.50R15 6 108Q 8.5-11.0 831
LT35x12.50R15 6 113Q 8.5-11.0 884
 LT285/75R16 (33x11.50R16)  10 126Q 7.5-9.0 841
LT305/70R16 (33x12.50R16) 10 124Q 8.0-9.5 841
LT315/75R16 (35x12.50R16) 10 127Q 8.0-11.0 876
LT305/65R17 (33x12.50R17) 10 121Q 8.5-11.0 831
LT315/70R17 (35x12.50R17) 8 121Q 8.5-11.0 879
LT37x12.50R17 8 124Q 8.5-11.0 932

Built with state-of-the-art construction, the Claw TTC’s 23° tread pattern, large directional side biters, tough sidewall and Power Ply carcass construction, gives you the confidence it will pull you through any situation.


Features Baja Claw TTC

  • Directional 23-degree tread pattern
  • Directional side biters
  • Tread to sidewall decoupling grooves
  •  Unrivaled tread depth